Blue Falcon
Head: RoC Target Wetsuit modified
Body: Marvel Universe Mr. Fantastic
Calves and feet: Retaliation ninjas 3 pack Storm Shadow
Hands: 25th Cobra Trooper
Cape: painted fabric
Falcon claw: new sculpt Freedom and necklace

Radley Crown
Head: RoC Duke with sculpted hair
Hands: 25th Cobra Trooper
Body: Professor X

Head: Hood Hounds
Body: Chap Mei firefighter dalmation

Dog Wonder costume: green stuff and magnets
Extending neck: Spiderman Doc Ock movie figure

This all started with drbindy showing off his Race Bannon custom. While looking for Johnny Quest episodes, I came across the Scooby Doo! Mystery Incoporated episode The Heart Evil. In it, it links Scooby and the gang to Blue Falcon and the Dog Wonder as well as Race Bannon and Dr. Quest. I suggested to drbindy that he should make a Dynomutt figure. That is when the gears started turning for how I would do it.

Initially I wanted extending legs, but I scrapped that idea because the dalmation legs were already thin and I really wanted the removable costume. After Dynomutt was done, set out to finish the duo with a WIP Phantom custom I never really cared for.

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