Head: Croc Master + Ponytail from Stan Winston Figure
Torso: Road Pig
Arms: Thrasher
Waist: Cobra Commander '87
Legs: Raptor upper, Monkey Wrench Lower

Last year, I came across a number of customs that I had started, and then put away, and then re-discovered, but had forgot my original intent for them. I crowd-sourced for some inspiration, and then I added a team name and color palette from an Ed Brubaker Capt. America comics run.

Now, I present "The Discordians" - a group of mercenaries, put together and controlled by Dr. Mindbender, that are released into an area to sow discord before Cobra moves their forces in.

"Bruise is a barely-restrained psycho with immense physical strength. His mere presence is enough to have his victims quake in their skin. All of this is belied by his Machiavellian behavior, his high-pitched voice, and the way he dots his i's with a smiley face."

- from the files of Dr. Mindbender

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