Head: Armored Cobra Commander
Torso, Legs: Taurus
Arms: Rock Viper
Waist: Dr Mindbender

Last year, I came across a number of customs that I had started, and then put away, and then re-discovered, but had forgot my original intent for them. I crowd-sourced for some inspiration, and then I added a team name and color palette from an Ed Brubaker Capt. America comics run.

Now, I present "The Discordians" - a group of mercenaries, put together and controlled by Dr. Mindbender, that are released into an area to sow discord before Cobra moves their forces in.

"Flaco likes music, especially when working. He also has a curious set of beliefs regarding explosions and is always trying to recruit people to his beliefs.
He has an intense fear of burning, which is why he wears so much protection. However, when things go wrong, he always says "I worked hard!" to justify bad results. I get uncomfortable working near him, as he seems turned on by any name with a certain sound in it. I've not discovered the sound, therefore this is of no use."

- from the files of Dr. Mindbender

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