Head: Raptor
Torso: Xamot (or Tomax?)
Rest: Destro

Last year, I came across a number of customs that I had started, and then put away, and then re-discovered, but had forgot my original intent for them. I crowd-sourced for some inspiration, and then I added a team name and color palette from an Ed Brubaker Capt. America comics run.

Now, I present "The Discordians" - a group of mercenaries, put together and controlled by Dr. Mindbender, that are released into an area to sow discord before Cobra moves their forces in.

"Plumb is a lonely individual, emotionless and never asking for help. I would try to utilize him more in my scientific dealings, as I find him reasonably good-looking, but the man makes up random lies about unimportant things for no reason."

- from the files of Dr. Mindbender

This is a Raptor head that I tore the hood off. I filled the hole left by the hood with green stuff & smoothed it down. Then at some point, I had primed it white.

For this custom, I painted the head entirely black, then silver, then clear blue.

Then I experimented with painting the eyes, and failed. So I painted the whole head black again, then silver, then clear blue. Then I painted the eyes black, as if there were lenses in the mask.

Now he's got a classic Destro feel to him, utilizing the clear blue/gray/purple/black color palette that I'm using for this group.

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