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Head: Scrap Iron
Torso: Destro
Rest: CP Cobra Commander

Last year, I came across a number of customs that I had started, and then put away, and then re-discovered, but had forgot my original intent for them. I crowd-sourced for some inspiration, and then I added a team name and color palette from an Ed Brubaker Capt. America comics run.

Now, I present "The Discordians" - a group of mercenaries, put together and controlled by Dr. Mindbender, that are released into an area to sow discord before Cobra moves their forces in.

"Onyx is Is unable to take advice from anyone because he thinks that he knows it all. Yet he is hardworking, and always gets the job done. This deep-voiced individual is always veiled behind his goggled helmet, never letting anyone see his sand-haired visage."

- from the files of Dr. Mindbender

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