Head: ROC Heavy Duty
Torso, arms: 25A Beach Head
Hands: SW:RotS Obi Wan Kenobi
Legs: ROC Repeater
Vest: ROC Footloose
Rifle: ROC ???


Eagle Force's Sgt. Brown, as a "Now a Joe" figure. Aside from its black tac vest, the Mego source figure sported the gold Eagle Force uniform. The non-descript parts assemble to make a geared-up uniform which is somewhat similar to the Mego design.

Colors & Paint:

My Eagle Force figures have had Mego's metallic gold replaced with a camouflage pattern with a gold vibe to it. To carry the camouflage pattern above the trousers, I also added it to the carrier shell of the body armor/tac vest. Keeping the pouches and straps black kept the uniform design consistent with my other EF customs.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I had originally tried to use this head for VENOM's Bruno Sheppard, but it just didn't look right. The extra hair, which I added for Bruno Sheppard, didn't help modify the appearance enough to give it a different look than that of Heavy Duty. It looks like Heavy Duty with a fluff of hair atop his head. The Heavy Duty head has an earring sculpted on to it. Instead of removing it, I added to it by creating a microphone/earpiece.

The elbows were fixed in place.

Thanks for looking.

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