Head: Law V3. Painted with Chrome paint
Torso: Outback, Painted dark grey
Crotch: Quick Kick
Legs: Snake Eyes V3
Arms: Dusty V3

I painted the body with a mixture of white and black paint to get the dark gray. I then pained the head with Chrome paint. For the spikes, I used clay and then painted them with the Chrome paint. Aside from the spikes being uneven(hard to do by hand that small), I think my first ever custom using paint and extra materials turned out well. And the cape I cut from a piece of dark blue felt.

The evil shredder is the master of the Foot Clan, the largest criminal organization in New York City. It is for this reason that Cobra Commander reached out to him to strike a "business" deal. Another reason Cobra was interested in a deal is because Shredder has experimented with a substance known as the Ooze. The Ooze has the ability to make someone into an extraordinary version of themselves or it can be used make hybrids of human and animal. Cobra Commander is determined to take over the world and if he and Shredder join forces, his goal might just be achieved.

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