Head: Airtight
Torso and Arms: PoC Skydive
Legs: Tornado Kick Snake Eyes PoC
Missile Gear and Drone: Data Viper
Helmet: Accelerator Suit Duke

I have wanted to do a Fast Draw for a really long time, but could never figure out parts for him. At one point I almost had one ready to go with the poc duke missiles, but scrapped it.

As I was chatting with fellow member Oreobuilder about customs, he shared a wip of a figure that instantly clicked to me as a Fast Draw redo, and I was off and running. I kept the drone thinking that the drone would help pinpoint where those missiles are going. The missiles are not as big as the vintage one, but in my mind, I was thinking of the rocket launchers like the Iron Man movies. That, and in battle, what the heck would Fast Draw do once he fired off his two missiles? Go home?

I didn't have to do alot of painting to the base figure, all the steel looking metal and the grey areas are all factory. I did the rest. I gave him the airtight head as I figured it looks like some type of protective gear, since he has missiles firing right next to his head.

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