Head: Avengers Fury
Torso: IM2 fury
Coat: WO Sabertooth
Arms: ROC PP Snake Eyes
Legs: Retaliation Roadblock

In my EXCAL verse, Nick Fury isn't a given name, it is a code name. Typically it is given to the leader of the organization, in honor of the first Nick Fury, who was a legendary WWII soldier and Cold War superspy.

Though it is typically a name reserved for the Director, there can be multiple "Nick Fury"s in service at once. In fact, it is suspected by many that the original Nick Fury is still alive and calling the shots from behind the scenes at SHIELD.


The custom itself is nothing fancy. Just taking the parts that worked best from the two Sam Jackson versions I had, then adding height with the Roadblock legs, and a jacket-arm combo that gives him great range of motion.

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