Hasbro: Hall of Fame Rock "N Roll (1993): head and uniform
Hasbro: Patrol cap, backpack, canteen and large ammo pouches (modified and cast)
M&C Toys: Body, pistol, holster, bayonet, sheath, belt, suspenders and sleeping mat.
BBI: boots, folding shovel case
21st Century Toys: small ammo pouch
Formative International: M60E3 machinegun
Various spare buckles, grosgrain strap and paint

I know, it's only...wait, skip that. Rock 'N Roll is another Hall of Fame Joe rescued from the storage boxes and able to regain a foothold on my display shelf. I used previously discussed techniques to adapt an M&C body to the Hall of Fame head and used basically the same gear and equipment, modified and/or painted differently to customize Rock 'N Roll. The large ammo pouches are castings of a pouch taken from a Hasbro SAW gunner set. The pouches could really hold a SAW ammo box, but they looked ridiculous, so I filled one with putty, modified the flap to appear closed then made a mold for casting. These are almost too big but, as I have noted before, Hall of Fame Joes run a bit large and a larger than usual spare ammo stash is just fine in this fictional theme. What I could not work with was my original idea of using a mini-gun for his main weapon. I have some. They look cool. But when it comes to these things, the science geek in me beats down my action figure geek. No human can use one effectively in man-portable form and it would be a poor choice of individual arm in any environment. Sorry, if I use a mini-gun it will be mounted to something and crew served.* So I tried out a few different weapons with him until settling on this M60E3 from Formative International. I scratch built the feeder pouch on the weapon based on some photos of a similar arrangement I saw on an Air Soft page. Sadly, like too many other aging rockers, Rock 'N Roll is going bald. I had him in a vintage pith helmet for a few years and he ended up with a bald spot. I hope to tackle flocking as my next step in figure customizing so he can give me some practice. Otherwise, I may need to send his head off to someone else. It's not a pretty business. ...but I like it!
*I confess to having ONE 1/18th POC Iron Grenadier with a mini-gun. You gotta live a little.

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