Head: Raginspoon cast
Torso, arms: RoC Pit Commando
Legs: RoC Zartan
Helmet: Captain America

Action Marine represented the Marine Corps. During development, Action Marine was nicknamed Rocky. Like Action Soldier and Action Sailor, the basic Action Marine (7700) came with minimal gear. Released in 1964, the set included a camouflaged uniform, the fatigue cap, dog tags, rank insignia and Marine manual.

Like his counterparts from the other services, a plethora of different accessory sets were made available to outfit Action Marine. For this project, I decided to recreate a few of the most popular. This custom represents an Action Marine outfitted with the Paratrooper Helmet (7707), the Beachhead Field Pack Set (7713) and the Beachhead Rifle Set (7717).

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