Head: 25th Hawk
Torso, arms: RoC Zartan
Legs: RoC Destro
Helmet: ?

In 1966, Hasbro launched the ''Soldiers of the World''. This sub-line consisted of 6 different soldiers dressed in authentic uniforms including:

- Russian Infantryman
- French Resistance Fighter
- British Commando
- Japanese Imperial Soldier

The last two, the German Stormtrooper and the Australian Jungle Fighter, are the ones that I made as customs. To represent different ethnicities, Hasbro gave these GI Joes brand new head sculpts.

To pay homage to the originals, I elected not to use my standard vintage head for these customs. I thought the 25th Hawk head had a good likeness to the original 12'' ''European'' style head.

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