Retaliation Storm Shadow body
New Sculpt Slice head
New Sculpt Slice Belt

The newsculpt version of Slice was quite the departure from the original mostly red figure, and was a very unique looking figure in it's own right. For the project, I drifted towards more of an interpretation of the new sculpt version that kept most of the styling cues rather than a direct remake of the figure. It was kind of a neat thing to take a common Storm Shadow that everyone probably owns and turnhim into something unique. Oreobuilder offered the head to me, which I was hesitant to use at first, but was surprised how well it fit and blended perfectly to the figure.

For Celebration 8 in early 2014, customizers Oreobuilder and Bucky presented a joint project highlighting a selection of figures released during the "New Sculpt Era". While classic characters were updated and fresh new ideas helped push the Joe brand forward, it loses points with alot of collectors due to the lack of consistency of figure's proportions and the sculpts themselves.

Oreobuilder and Bucky thought it would be fun to translate the ideas behind the updates and new characters into the modern era format. This figure is one of the results.

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