Head: STTMP Ilia cast
Arms: SW Leia "No Award for Chewbacca" Outfit
Boots: SW Sly Moore
All else: DC Infinite Heroes Starfire


Selina appeared in "The M.A.S.S. Device" as one of Cobra's slaves. Selina aided Duke in his escape and later sabotaged the M.A.S.S. Device to save New York City. The figure is modeled roughly after her cartoon appearance. The DCIH female figures have impossibly long legs paired with stubby T-Rex arms. To improve the proportions, the longer Princess Leia arms replaced the Starfire ones. Likewise, Starfire's horrible misshapen hooves were replaced by the better proportioned Sly Moore boots.

The furry boots change the appearance of Selina's costume marginally, but the DCIH female feet are so horrible that they would have ruined the figure entirely.

Painting & Colors:

Taken from the cartoon, but textured and dirtied up a bit.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast. The arms sockets were built up for the smaller inset pegs of the arms. The hair and dress are scratch built. The wretched Starfire feet were chopped off and replaced with the Sly Moore boots. The legs and knees had to be fixed in place to match the position of the Sly Moore legs. The Sly Moore legs were actually a static one piece lower body that plugged into the "dress" of the Sly Moore figure. Hiding the knee articulation took some doing.

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