Hasbro: GI Joe: Classic Collection figure, pants and shirt
M&C Toys: T-shirt
Cotswold Collectibles: WWII German rucksack, US holster, and Napoleonic era canteen
Formative International: Rifle, hat, sun glasses
21st Century Toys: .45 pistol and boots
BBI: Knife
Custom made belt: Grosgrain and spare buckle
Custom cast rigger's style pouches (4) all cast from an original I scratch built
Various strap material, buckles and felt

A chupacabra!? Either that Adventure Team Commander was some old crank or this team was sending their newest recruit on a fool's errand! A week after discharge and I'd gone from Scout-Sniper to 'Snipe-Hunter'. I thought I was being hazed. But then, well, you're never going to believe me but... - Desert Adventurer, Adventure Team recruit.

I have taken some flak from my Facebook friends for using a Joe without flocked hair in my modern Adventure Team, but the way I see it, not every team member needs to be a fuzz-head. A veteran joining up would probably look a lot like this. Besides, the very first GI Joe I had was an Adventures of GI Joe themed figure and he had painted hair. So anyway, I took a basic Classic Collection Joe and gave him a non-regulation shirt and three-color camouflage pants and hat. The pants lacked pockets, reinforced stitching and other features that would make them more military-like so they work for this adventurer. The boots and pack are essentially the same as described in my Tropics Adventurer so I won't describe them this time. The rigger style pouches for spare ammo and stuff were cast from a custom item I made for my WWII US paratroopers. The original was just a blob of putty I shaped roughly into a block. When that was dry, I cut, wrapped and glued thick fabric around the block in the same pattern as rigger's pouches I researched on line. I cut a press-the-dot closure off a 21st Century Toys WWII belt pouch and glued that in place. I have copied it repeatedly using a push mold and casting resin. I wanted a different style canteen as well so I bought several Napoleonic era canteens from Cotswold Collectibles to customize for western style canteens. I replaced the top spout with one cut from a spare modern canteen and I used material cut from the cuffs of old knit socks (not the foot) to simulate the felt still used as a insulator on these canteens. The strap was made from dyed basting tape and a spare buckle. Finally, the Formative International bolt-action rifle got a new strap made from Rio Rondo leather lace and buckle.

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