Head: Tunnel Rat
Torso: Duke
Upper legs: Duke
Lower legs: ???

Growing up on the mean streets of Bed Sty Brooklyn prepared Tunnel Rat for anything life could throw at him. Anything. Whether it was street thugs trying to steel his lunch money as a kid, crawling into dank and dirty holes in the jungle, or killing the undead Tunnel Rat is ready. A hardened Ranger Tunnel Rat has fought his way around the world. If he couldn't cut it or shoot it he blew it up. And he still lives that way now.

It's rumored that he set up shop in Brooklyn, but we've also received reports that he has been seen as far south as Tallahassee, FL and as far west as Austin, TX. Hell for all we know all the reports are true and he's traveling underground via sewers or hell, even his own tunnels. One thing is for sure we have to get him back on base.

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