Head: Dr. Mindbender
Torso/Arms: Zartan
Legs: Storm Shadow
Feet: Snake Eyes
Smock: Dexter
Bone Saw/Knife: Dexter

How he met up with Cobra is anyone's guess but one thing that is known is that he runs all the neuroscience and genetics based research. All signs point to his Dr. Binder persona having been completely replaced by the psychotic Dr. Mindbender. He on occasion dons the clothing and personality of Dr. Binder, but it's all an act. Under the surface lurks a mad man, one who lacks all empathy for human life. What's most terrifying is has retained his brilliance for the mind and its manipulation. With his growing knowledge and experience with genetics he continues to break all laws of ethics and rules of morality. He found a place in Cobra that allows him to do things that would make even Joseph Mengele shudder.

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