Head-Pursuit of Cobra Duke (desert battle)
Torso, middle, upper arms-Rise of Cobra Duke (desert ambush)
Lower arms-Retaliation Agent Mouse
Hands-Rise of Cobra Hawk
Legs-Rise of Cobra Pit Commando

Duke has always been one of my favorite characters and I've never understood why so many people hate him. I think he's a great character and has always had some really cool figures. Except for pretty much every version of him from the 25th Anniversary line. There have been great Dukes from other ME lines but none in his classic uniform. This was an attempt at a 25th/30th style Duke that fixed the problems I had with the official releases. I tried giving him a bandolier but it didn't look right with the untucked shirt. Not a perfect figure but he'll do until we get an official classic style Duke that improves from the 25th.

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