Chuckles - Head
Snake Eyes - Torso, Arms
Spc. Altitude - Left Shoulder
Duke - Left Thigh
Hit and Run - Right Thigh
Shockblast - Knees
Duke - Lower Legs
Weapon X - Feet
Indian Jones Accessories - Luger P08, MP-40, Spear of Destiny

Following up on my Marine from DOOM, this is the granddaddy of FPS heroes, BJ Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny. BJ's character art is about as sporadic as the DOOM Marine's, so I stuck mostly to the few glimpses we got of him in the actual game.

I was always struck that one in game image showed him as barefoot, which made sense considering he was a prisoner of war, and it had a nice "Die Hard" element to it, so I stuck with that for my interpretation. I went with a torn up top as the prisoner gear was going to be pretty dull visually, so I thought a little "battle damage" would be a good choice to break up the gray.

The HUD portrait looks remarkably similar to the DOOM Marine, so I knew I wanted to use the same base head, but modify the hair so they'd still look unique. I believe some DOOM supplemental material suggests the protagonist is in fact a descendant of Blazkowicz.

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