Head: Swamp Viper
Torso/arms: Destro
Legs: Renegades Destro (?)
Coat: ROC The Doctor
Claw: ROC The Doctor

Dr. Claw, some say he was a former partner of Inspector Gadget. Others say he is the original Inspector Gadget. The truth is unknown. What is certain is he hates the Inspector.

He leads his army of henchmen from locations unknown. He is under the always watchful eye of MAD CAT, a cybernetic creation whose soul purpose is Dr. Claw's protection.

Intel shows that MAD has recently received a delivery from MARS. What was contained is entirely unclear.

I went back and forth on whether to make this figure a version of Cobra Commander or Dr. Claw.

Inspired by the work of Ara1raven2002

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