Complete Figure: Thor Frost Giant
Tentacles: Nemesis Immortal

Customizing info: I wanted to make an updated Golobulus for years but found little luck with making a snake tail. I finally decided to go with a morphing humanized figure instead. The Frost Giant base was perfect in all aspects for my vision of the character. I added the tentacles to give the figure another element of mutation.

Character bio: After years of isolation on his secluded island, Mindbender had begun to develop a better success rate for his mutated super soldiers. Golobulus was his first successful resurrection. Acquiring the body of a recently assassinated terrorist leader, Mindbender began his project by injecting DNA from the island he where he lived. The "man" that arose soon overpowered Mindbender and claimed to be the leader of the nation of Cobra-La. Mindbender saw the opportunity to establish a dominate force through Golobulus and swore his allegiance to him. His followers did as their creator and now they follow Golobulus' every command.

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