Head: Heavily sculpted original
Torso: JvC Dusty, modified
Upper Arms: Guillotine
Lower Arms: Ripper
Upper Legs: Barrel Roll, modified
Lower Legs: Alpine
Boots: Heavy Duty

After I turned the Ninja Force Zartan into a new character, Zeke, I wanted to make the rest of Dreadnoks into a "what if" version of Ninja Force figures. And following my Zeke character I then came up with new names and bios for them. This is Chop Shop, a Ninja Force version of Ripper. I went for a ripped pants design with a sleeveless work shirt and heavy brogan boots. The head looks rough in the picture but it looks better in hand.

Chop Shop was the go to guy for Repo after he took possession of new vehicles. Chop Shop has a real talent for taking ordinary vehicles and turning them into apocalyptic war machine works of art. When Zeke started The IronKlad and recruited Repo, he brought Chop Shop into the fold as well. And for all of the damage he able to do to sheet metal and steel, he is a real force to be reckoned with when his hammer is brought down against flesh and bone.

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