Head: Narnia
Torso: Barrel Roll
Arms: Alpine
Legs: Alpine

This figure and accessories were started when my daughter was born. Here is Christopher Robin with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet.

Christopher Robin was the son of two prominent animal behavior specialist in Toronto. They operated The 100 Acre Wood animal sanctuary where they researched a wide array of animals and experimented with new ways of communicating with them. Christopher Robin was raised among these animals and his parents noticed his connection with them, especially a giant golden bear he called Winnie.

When Cobra began their Venomization experiments they raided The 100 Acre Wood labs and demanded access to their research. The Robins stood up to them and were killed for their bravery. The yellow bear shielded young Christopher as they made their escape. CObra ransacked the labs and took the as many animals into captivity as they could capture. Some escaped into the wilds of Canada along with Christopher Robin. Now Christopher is alone with growing menagerie trying to find all of his friends.

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