Odin - Head
POC Storm Shadow - Torso, bare arm
ROC Flash - Waist
Viper Commando - Gauntlet, Legs
ROC Snake Eyes - Strap
Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard - Pauldron
Royal Guard - Tunic/Kilt
Price of Persia - Belt
Magik - Sword

"A wanderer from the Outlands, Ash comes to Tintagel to warn the small kingdom of the approaching Horde and seek assistance for the small, scattered villages of his home.

When the Queen is captured, Ash accompanies the royal guard in her rescue and proves himself a champion of Tintagel.

In the unhappy days after the kingdom's fall, Ash finds himself bound in service to the Horde."

What's a Tintagel, you ask? According to Arthurian Myth, Tintagel castle was the birthplace of King Arthur. According to our bus driver when we visited England, it's "a piddly little village." But for a lucky few, Tintagel was a BBS where we cut our creative teeth crafting a shared fantasy story.

We were kids in high school, and looking back it's almost painfully transparent how we were working all our angst out through play-by-message RPGs. Our alter-ego characters had much less to do with how we saw ourselves, but how we wanted to be seen. I'll spare my fellow players further armchair psychoanalysis, but you can't really explain the story of our Tintagel without a bit of the story behind it.

We created our own mythology, and post by post built an epic we've tried desperately to recreate numerous times since. Maybe it's just nostalgia, but these characters are unforgettable to many of us who helped build the story. I've been trying to breathe some physical life into them in one form or another for more than a decade. There's been a chain of failed sketches and paintings, and I've abandoned multiple attempts in various scales to make figures of some of the central characters.

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