Head: Scalpel, modified
Torso: Gung-Ho
Arms: Croc Master
Waist: Footloose
Upper Legs: Barrel Roll
Lowers Legs: Wild Bill

Buzzer was one of my first toys I remember. This is my second newsculpt version of him. I trimmed the original hairline back and added the widow's peak. I added the ponytail from another figure. The chaps were added as a way to simulate the armored jeans from the original figure. And as with my other Dreadnoks I wanted him to appear as a plain citizen with no accessories present. The chainsaw that came with the 25th release was a definite plus and painting the chain really helped the looks of it.

Buzzer is one of Zartan's most trusted confidants and the de facto leader of The Dreadnoks in Zartan's and Zanya's absence. Cambridge University educated, it goes without saying that Buzzer is the smartest member of The Dreadnoks, but he is equally dangerous with that chainsaw of his, able to shred armored steel and punish the soldier inside.

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