Agent Helix - Base Figure
Neo-Viper - Gloves
Ahsoka Tano (Space Suit) - Helmet
Padme Amidala - Head

The figure that inspired my "Chronophiles" project. I initially envisioned Amelia as a part of time traveling team of alt-history heroes, but when I began to expand upon the strange timeline she came from, I decided it deserved to be more fully explored.

"and though little is known of the nature of Earhart's recruitment by Howard Hughes, a popular story states that upon locating her and her disabled craft Hughes told Earhart he had come both to rescue her and offer her a job. Insisting she needed no rescue, Hughes replied "Never the less, madame, you are rescued. Now let us discuss the job."

One of the first civilian flight instructors to work directly with the military, Earhart maintained a close relationship to the 99th Pursuit Squadron and 332nd Fighter Group throughout their training and combat service.

Though never formally a member of the United States Army Astro Corps, Earhart is believed to be one of the main reasons the Axis were never able to establish a strong lunar foothold. Though Hughes' experimental spacecraft were still in the infancy of their development, her innovations in exosphere combat maneuvering were able to deter the seemingly unstoppable Uberzepps of the Axis lunar supply lines.

Earhart would eventually head and train Hughes' all woman Lunar Wing, and be one of the last living beings allowed to visit his isolated "Tranquility Island" on the moon."

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