Arms:'94 Dialtone
Torso: '94 Action Sailor (modified)
Waist: '88 Lightfoot
Legs: '89 Scoop

Footloose was planned as part of the Battle Ranger line in 1995. I've seen customs using casting from the planned parts, but in my case I had to improvise.
I added the BBI pouches to the torso, which was a characteristic similar to the original planned release. The rifle also attaches to the side of the leg.

Footloose was one of those characters that was always sort of just there. Despite the cool character design and realistic accessories, I never had much affinity towards his original figure, and other than the Marauder repaint he was sort of forgotten by the line...at least until '95 when Hasbro was planning another release of the character, and who knows, it may have turned me into a Footloose fan.

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