Henry Jones Sr. - Torso, Legs, Umbrella
Ugnaught - Apron
Rolan Dyre - Head
Wooof - Arms

I try to let the documents in Chornophiles help the viewer decide what is and isn't different from our own timelines, and allow room for interpretation. But there are some stepping stones and landmarks to help visitors to this alternate history find their way.

George Washington Carver plays a pivotal role in my imagined timeline, as his real world innovations are embraced and expanded on... pushing technology and food and fuel reserves to unimagined levels when World War II begins.

"That's right! The CARVOLINE products you love help keep our Airmen AND their aircraft fueled up and ready to fight! And through the exciting field of CHEMURGY, Mr. George Washington Carver continues to keep us on the frontline of innovation! From ethanol-based fuel solutions to Carver's Patented Protein Paste, CARVOLINE products help win battles and save lives! Support the products that support the war effort. CHEMURGY: Grow, Buy, WIN!!!"

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