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Anakin Skywalker - Base Figure
Concept Starkiller Hero - Belt
Clone Youth - Head

What set this project over the top, in my opinion, is the additional documentation I made. I had a pretty detailed story about how the timeline these figures are from differed from our, and rather than spell it all out for my audience, I decided to only give them glimpses into that world. On a whim at Half Price Books looking for inspiration, I tried to find books from the same era (or older than) my alt-history verse was set ib, and much to my surprise I found quite a bit. I harvested the blank binding pages and printed photographs and documents to accompany each character.

This was another clarifying moment in the creation of my altered timeline, and a particularly fun figure to work on. I think this figure, his documents (both of which are unaltered, real world replicas), and all they suggest are sort of the keystone to a lot of the narrative behind my Chronophiles project.

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