Admiral Ozzle - Head
Iron Monger - Armor

Mecha-Hitler is a guilty pleasure of mine. He's not as neatly tied into the narrative of my Chronophiles project as the others, but putting historical figures in giant robot suits is always fun.

This is the second time I've tackled the concept. The first was mostly based on his appearance in Wolfenstein 3D, so I wanted to do something even bigger and more absurd when I revisited the idea.

"(continued) yes, I was thrilled when I heard the news of the explosion at the Wolf's Lair. And how curious they made no mention of him... it was this lack of any word of his condition I took to be confirmation of his demise, and, overjoyed, I drank.

I awoke on a plane with a dozen or so other doctors, and curiously a few mechanics and even a renowned watchmaker. We were told only that our country needed our service and nothing more. By this time, it was well known one did not argue with the tiny silver skulls. They never threatened us. They never had to. They marched us through the gates and past the women, excitedly introducing us to our new home. We were assured they had the utmost confidence in our abilities, and they boasted that even our loved ones (referred to by full name and address) could not be more sure of us.

I managed to endure almost to the end. I simply didn't ask where they got all of the blood for his continuous transfusions, or the hearts for his daily transplants. And I did my best not look into his horrible eyes as he screamed lung-less and silent at us all, awake through all of it because it was feared if we anesthetized him he would never awaken. It wasn't until we had what little remained of his body secured into the panzermensch frame and started the internal life support that I realized what we had done.

That awful combination of rumbling and metallic staccatos as all those machines inside him grinded their engines into life, into his life, was what set me over. Now even his breathing sounded like a thousand boots stomping step in horrible step. He rose and laughed, and it rattled through his mechanized lungs like thunderous applause. And as he towered over us, it was then that I realized what we had done... what I had done. I knew that in spite of all the unthinkable things that had come before, that THIS was the precipice of darkness, that THIS was the beginning of the end, and that history would place the creation of this monstrosity squarely on our shoulders.

But we did not make the monster.We just made him unstoppable.

(translation ends. 7/27/1944 journal entry, author unknown)"

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