Rex "The Doctor" Lewis - Base Figure
Neo-Viper - Arms, Boots
Indiana Jones - Jacket
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Space Suit) - Helmet
Kesi Ommis - Head

There were moments as I was piecing together my invented history when I couldn't believe how little I had to alter some details. When I decided a letter from the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, would serve as the documentation for this figure, I did a bit of quick research to make sure it wasn't TOO implausible. Not only did the First Lady support the Tuskegee Army Airfield, but she actually kept correspondence with faculty and airmen.

"Colonel Benjamin Davis Jr.
Tuskegee Army Flying School

Colonel Davis,

I hope you will excuse the breach in protocol, but I wanted to make sure this letter reaches you before the upcoming operation. Understandably, news of this supposed Axis Space Program has rattled the public's nerves, and I cannot say I am without my own concerns. As you are aware, your interception mission is to be made public tomorrow evening, by which time you and your fellow airmen of the 99th Pursuit Squadron and 332nd Fighter Group will be close to the estimated point of engagement and well out of communication range.

It was the thought of that isolation that prompted me to write. Secrecy should not be the prelude to such solitude. Your journey should be trumpeted, cheered, and celebrated. It is a shame that war necessitates our country's first adventure beyond our skies be undertaken so violently. But the things are not as they should be. The world is not as it should be.

Our enemy takes and takes and takes. He invades our allies' land, he blights their skies, and now he threatens to take the very Heavens. Deny him the Heavens, Colonel Davis, and instead give him Hell.

I would consider it a personal favor.

-Eleanor Roosevelt"

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