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DG Cobra Commander - Upper Torso, Arms, Scabbard, Sword
25th Crimson Guard - Lower Torso
ROC Destro - Upper Legs
ROC Rescue Mission Snake Eyes - Lower Legs
ROC The Doctor - Black Coat, Scarred Head, Breathing Aparatus
Marvel Universe Blade - Red/Black Coat
POC Cobra Commander - Chrome Head
Resolute Boxed Set Cobra Commander - Silver head, Black helmet, Half-Cape
Ultimate Cobra Commander - Chromed Masked, Striped Helmet, Hooded Head
Renegades Cobra Commander - Half Mask, Backless Mask
Avengers Red Skull - Open Coat
Retaliation Cobra Commander - Armored Helmet
Retaliation HISS Cobra Commander - Armored Helmet
Battle Armor Cobra Commander - Armored Base Figure
Mercenary Wraith - Chest Armor

A lot of great accessories have come out since I made my first modular Cobra Commander, so I took a crack at giving him some more configurations, and updating some of the heads with more recent chromed versions or better sculpts. While coming up with names for each of his looks, I noticed there are a lot of "R" titles in the G.I. Joe universe (Rise of Cobra, Reloaded, Retaliation, Reneges) so I tried to stick to that format.

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