Head: SW Isard head + MU X-23 Hair
Torso and skirt: SW Jarael
Arms: Padme uppers + Baroness lowers
Legs: Ms. Marvel (waist modded to fit SW torso)
Boots: Prince of Persia

Ajax didn't often get to relax, whether it be because of work itself, or merely the mental exhaustion from dealing with the politics of his all too complicated life. Having just propped his feet up on the couch of his apartment on Old Earth, for the first time in 10 months, he realized tonight would be no different. He just can't escape the turmoil surrounding his former home, Avalonia...

Flipping through the holo channels, he stumbles upon a DigiNewscast discussing another exiled former hero of Avalonia; though unlike his own, her's was a forced exile... (For reference, the figure is as the character appears today. I may well do a flashback figure in full Armada regalia).

"...so be sure to set your sun-shields to high during tomorrow's lunch hour solar storm, and you won't notice a thing. And if you find yourself stuck on The City's west side without a shield, pop on in to the Aqualarian Invasion Cafe. They have rides and games to reenact all of the exciting combat action of a realistic alien invasion. And for the lunch menu, they have a chicken salad sandwich that's to die for..."

"Thanks Sonny. I didn't even know there were chickens on Aqualaria Prime." (chuckles).

"Actually, there still are Skip, it's just now you can only get them extra crispy" (both laugh heartily)

(Skip then takes on solemn look and turns to camera two): We now bring you this special Sat-Com2 DigiNews Feature Story, by Intergalactic Affairs correspondent and investigative reporter, Haley Kamatra. Haley, what will you be telling The City about today?

(Haley appears on screen from the field, with the dirty dusty streets of what can only be a colonized Fringe world as her backdrop): "Well Skip, as you know I've been taking a hard look at the political cover-up taking place in the oldest of the Two Kingdoms, Avalonia, a Kingdom forged with the steel of war, and for whom the war never seems to end. Most troubling for King Leondegrance is what has taken place in his own back yard, and how his regime has dealt with the controversy..."

(Cuts to Haley's voice, via a recorded holo segment):
Even in light of the decades-old-Invasion of the Aqualarians, or even the centuries old Cold War with the powerful Kingdom of Elysia, there was perhaps no political relationship more tense for the Kingdom of Avalonia, than that with its own provincial planet, Chandar.

Chandarians, despite citizenship within the kingdom proper, have long been held out by many Avalonians as second class citizens, essentially since the formation of the Kingdom in its present form. The tension is of course understood, given the fact that their incorporation into the Kingdom came despite a war to maintain the autonomy of their own smaller kingdom; and that they eventually relented and surrendered only under false pretenses and legal sleight of hand. Civil strife, including a thwarted rebellion, have defined the relationship ever since.

No one person epitomizes that tense social disorder more than the exiled Admiral Josiea (pron. "Josiah" but "Josie" for short) La Fontaine. Josie Fontana, as she is known while in her exile from the Kingdom proper, remains "wanted" by the King, though pursuit of her has been a restrained effort -an apparent political courtesy of sorts - in exchange for her ongoing quiet exile on the Fringe.

Her story is not unlike those others in history, who fought for justice and freedom, only to have history tell their tales as though they were traitors, pirates or thieves. As those at home may have guessed, her demise into exile began and ended with the Chandar Rebellion, now a mere five years past. Unlike most of the "war criminals" from the uprising, the Admiral herself was not of Chandarian origin. In fact, had she been Chandarian, her rise to the rank of Admiral would have been prohibited, and she'd have had no brighter future than Commander of a single vessel in the King's Armada. Instead she was born of Orbis Bellator, capital planet of the Kingdom of Avalonia. Despite what historians may say, she did not take part of the rebellion. Admiral La Fontaine's crime, was the open disregard for the command of her King, a crime punishable by death. And the command which she disregarded? Well that is where the history books tell diverging tales, depending entirely upon the author of each...

As the scene moves back from the DigiNews to where Ajax was sitting, we notice an untouched drink, an empty chair, and a communicator left off the hook. Through a door left open into what appears to be a garage, a loud motor can be heard to rev, and tires squeal as the scene closes. Ajax, it seems, has just found a lead he did not expect...

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