Invisible Woman head modded
Invisible Woman Torso modded
Invisible Woman upper arms, modded to accept elbow joint
ROC Covergirl forearms (?)
Helix legs
Tats by Cap

Chase Alexander is a relatively new addition to the crew of The Talon, commanded by renowned pirate hunter (and former Paladin) Percival Ajax.

She is a bit naive and though she is a technical genius, she sometimes lacks the street smarts one needs to survive on The Fringe. Percy and Dex Rollins know to keep close tabs on her as a result, and she has become a "little sister" of sorts to each of them.

She fell in love with The Artifex the first time The Talon landed for repairs. Between missions she is a regular at Joe's Cantina, but became especially enamored with Big Papa's, and she spends much of her free time there, lending a hand and working on parts she can salvage for use on future missions.

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