Head: Gold IG Destro; unmasked: Mola Ram (IJ)
Body: ROC Destro

MEDUSA is (was?) the one terror organization which truly has (had?) the capability of world domination. Whereas many singular terrorist groups had tried and failed on their own, MEDUSA was a co-op of all of those lessor groups combined into one massive terror inducing army.

At the height of its power, MEDUSA was directly running 1/3 of the world's nations, and indirectly influencing nearly half.

Of course Cobra was a key part of the group (along with Hydra and VENOM to name just a few). But the decision to help form the larger organization was one which Cobra Commander objected to. Only after the Commander was vanquished did Cobra (then led by Destro and the Baroness) come fully within MEDUSA's control, though with Destro suspiciously taking a high seat within the council as a trade-off.

Since the formation of the group, however, a man claiming to be the Commander has returned, while the MEDUSA high council and most of its forces have gone into hiding if not having disappeared completely).

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