Figure: Iron Man 2 Comic Style Iron Monger
Weapons: 25th Cobra Commander pistols, Star Wars Lightsaber, misc G.I. Joe gun

The comic style Iron Monger figure was one that didn't really fit in my Iron Man collection but was too cool of a figure to go to waste. The blue color was a good match for Cobra blue so I repurposed the Monger as a battle suit for Cobra Commander. The Iron Monger figure was painted with silver accents on the armor plates and fingers of the fists and a Cobra sigil added to the chest. For armament I used 2 of Cobra Commander's "hair dryer" laser pistols, trimmed down the handles and mounted them to the right arm. The left arm is equipped with a random Joe gun and a concept series Star Wars lightsaber.

"Developed by M.A.R.S. for intense frontline combat, this prototype battle suit proved too costly for mass production. Destro, not wanting to lose out on making a profit, personalized this prototype for Cobra Commander, playing to the Commander's ego and selling it as a "one of a kind" unit. Cobra Commander bought Destro's story and keeps this new battle suit as a symbol of his strength and power."

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