Head: '90 Pathfinder
Torso: '88 Skidmark
Arms: '90 Capt. Grid Iron
Wasit: '91 Duke
Legs: '86 Beachhead

I've always been a Pathfinder fan. 1990 was one of my favorite Joe years, and Pathfinder was one of my favorite figures from that line. As I began expanding my Battle Rangers line up, I opted to include some of my favorite characters such as Blizzard and Wetsuit. Pathfinder was an obvious addition to the team, and this figure had already been pieced together.

Battle Rangers was planned for the Joe line starting in 1995, and this figure is part of my own take on it. One aspect of the Battle Rangers team, was designing the figures in such a way for them to work together as a cohesive team, but also fit in with figures in the basic line.

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