head: '85 Shipwreck
Torso: '85 Shipwreck
Arms: '85 Shipwreck
Waist and Legs: '87 Tunnel Rat

Vest: '03 Crosshair

Shipwreck is an interesting charater to me. He played such a large role in the Sunbow cartoon, but had minor appearances in the Marvel Comics run. I never had the first figure as a kid, and didn't care to use Shipwreck as a SEAL...I've started to come around on the latter though.

With talk of a Shipwreck figure planned for Hasbro's '95 Battle Ranger line, I knew I wanted to add this character to my roster. I wanted to keep the feel of the original figure, but update it slightly and make it more tactical, which the Crosshair vest is great at.

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