Head: '90 Sky Dive
Torso: '92 Duke
Arms: unknown
Waist: '92 Mutt
Legs: '89 Gnawgahyde

Claymore has run more covert operations in the Southern Hemisphere than any other operator. He's a natural born leader, and was the only choice to lead a team through the jungles of South American in pursuit of the most dangerous Cobra Operatives, Urzor, and the Flying Scorpion. Due to the delicate nature of international relationships, Claymore and his team have been "disavowed", and are considered a threat to national security. The only way for Claymore to clear the name of the team, is to bring down these deadly terrorists dead or alive.

This figure was pieced together for a specific story line I wanted to play out. I've used the Sky Dive head on previous customs, and always thought it worked well for Claymore as a character.

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