Head: Duke
Torso / arms: Storm Shadow
Upper legs:
Lower legs: Crimson Guard

Lightning John has become a legend in the southwestern United States. A larger-than-life character among the likes of Johnny Appleseed, Babe the Blue Ox, and John Henry.

The legend goes that during a brutal attack by THEM an outlying settlement was surrounded and running out of supplies fast. Low on ammo and food the inhabitants began jumping over the barricades into the waiting jaws. Some say they heard a hum and saw a bright light coming from the desert. Some say they say the light of God. They all agreed their savior had arrived. All that anyone knows for sure is the Lightning John struck from the dust taking the heads off 12 of THEM with a single swipe. Lightning John fought for 3 days and nights without stopping for food or drink killing each of THEM that came out of the desert. When the dust settled 333 bodies surrounded the settlement. Lightning Johnny asked only for water and walked back into the desert.

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