Head: Backstop 87
Chest: Gyro-Viper 87
Arms: Gyro-Viper 87
Waist: Gyro-Viper 87
Legs: Gyro-Viper 87

Pistol: Robocop weapon (modified)
Helmet: Ace 93

Ace comes with a qualification. I made a custom a year or so ago named Phantom (he's on the site) that was a pilot. When I sat down to make an Ace custom, I realized that Phantom was exactly what I wanted my custom Ace to look like. So, in my Joe universe, I use that figure as Ace. But, I felt like that was cheating on my project to remake all the 83-84 figures, so here's my second version of Ace. I decided that, since I gave the other custom brown hair to match his comic appearance, I'd give this one black hair for a cartoon Ace. I also decided that I had already done a modern military flight suit, so I gave this Ace a more experimental uniform. The Gyro-Viper flight suit is such a great sculpt that I couldn't resist using the whole thing. Needless to say, I felt a little guilty about making such a simple custom, so I went to work on the helmet. It took forever to get those little cards right, but I like the way they turned out.

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