head: '88 Budo
Torso: '88 Hit & Run
Arms: '86 Dial-tone
Waist & Legs: '88 Budo

Hemlet: BBI

The Marauders is the Joe teams answer to guerilla warfare. This particular team specializes in anti guerilla tactics and jungle warfare. They are down to get dirty in the battle against Cobra, often relying on employing the same guerilla warfare techniques they are trained to counter. One thing the team has to be good at is sneaking around and taking out the enemies as quietly as possible. Budo is a great candidate for that role, and is dire need of a makeover.

These customs were complete prior to my initial hiatus and for the longest time they were my most ambitious project. The majority of the figures required additional modifications beyond the simple parts swap and paint job. They remain among some of my favorite customs to date.

There were a few modifications to Budo: I added a BBI Pistol and ammo pouches to the chest.
Canteens were added to each side of the waist. I removed the hook from the side of the waist and placed it on the back so he can still place his sword there.
On his backpack, I sanded down a small piece and glued a soft plastic strip as the other end so he can sheathe his other sword.

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