Base figure - MU Punisher

Misery is a cybernetic enhanced mutant operative of Cyberdata. She was found almost dead by the Baroness in battle field wreckage. She was revived by Dr. Mindbender to become a new Cobra operative. After Misery was healed and completely recovered from her injuries, there's one thing she would like to do first, to have her revenge on her former lovers, Reno Bryce, now known as Warblade and Robert Bearclaw, now known as Ripclaw.

Misery kidnapped friends and loved ones of Warblade and Rripclaw. Warblade and Ripclaw came to the rescue and brought Voodoo with them to identify if their enemy is a Daemonite. Warblade and Ripclaw were surprised to see Misery alive and stronger than ever ready to bring them down. In a final battle, Misery was defeated once again and both Warblade and Ripclaw were broken hearted once more. They had no choice because they needed to stop Misery to save their innocent friends and loved ones from death.

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