Head: '93 Beachhead
Torso: '92 Duke
Arms: '88 Shockwave
Wasit & Legs: '90 Ambush

The Marauders is the Joe teams answer to guerrilla warfare. This particular team specializes in anti guerrilla tactics and jungle warfare. They are down to get dirty in the battle against Cobra, often relying on employing the same guerrilla warfare techniques they are trained to counter. Ballistic is the team's demolitions expert and grenadier. He is also a highly trained EOD

These customs were complete prior to my initial hiatus and for the longest time they were my most ambitious project. The majority of the figures required additional modifications beyond the simple parts swap and paint job. They remain among some of my favorite customs to date.

The modifications to this guy were minimal when compared to other figures in this project. There are no additional add-ons or sanding done here.

As an aside, this figure won best custom at the 2012 Assembly Required meet-up in Des Moines, IA

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