Head: '01 Big Brawler
Torso: '88 Blizzard
Arms: '90 Salvo
Wast and Legs: '93 Leatherneck

Created as a Mary Sue type character, the file depicted him as something of a Big Brawler was so over the top in his bio that he became something of joke among the Joe community. When I use the character, I enjoy using him in such a fashion that he is larger than life...in his own head anyway. If you were to ask Brawler, he will tell you that he's the greatest Joe to ever live and is an expert at pretty much anything. He will also tell you that he's an expert at psychological warfare, and that he's taken on more clandestine operations than Claymore, but he can't tell you anymore than that without killing you. Most of what comes out of his mouth is rubbish. The truth is that Brawler is a very capable soldier with additional training in jungle warfare school.

The idea behind this custom was to bring the figure back down to a respectable level of realism, and make him a viable part of my collection, and not just the butt of a joke. I liked the idea of using the Blizzard torso as a flak vest and think it turned out pretty great. I didn't even paint the Salvo arms, so I don't have to worry about paint chipping around the shoulders.

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