Head: '91 Psyche-Out (modified)
Torso and arms: '86 Lowlight
Waist and Legs: '89 Snake Eyes

Blitz is a highly trained, no-nonsense, GSG-9 operative transferred to the Joe team as part of the IOD (International Operations Development) program, which has members from special forces teams around the world assigned to the Joe's on a temporary basis. Blitz recently applied for permanent membership status, which based on his exemplary performance had been quickly seconded by IOD Executive Officer, Falcon. Blitz' training includes close quarters battle, urban warfare and hand to hand combat.

This custom had been completed years ago, and was originally intended to be Shockwave. The general design was based on Brock Lee's Shockwave art. Once he was complete, I wasn't really getting a Shockwave vibe...I blame the lower legs. I thought he would make a cool new character instead, and (again based on the lower legs) decided to make him a member of Germany's GSG-9.
The mask here is not removable, which in retrospect I wish it would have been.

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