Head: Long Range
Torso: Snake Eyes
Arms and Legs: Flash
Waist: Barrel Roll

This is my second custom based on the GI Joe: Extreme character of Black Dragon. I wanted this one to be unmasked and it looks nothing like the inspiration figure. I changed the name to reflect that and to separate him from The Black Dragon ninjas.

He calls himself Draco Noir now or just Draco for short, but he once was known as Black Dragon. As Black Dragon he infiltrated the Yakuza for the CIA and was instrumental in bringing the gang down for a decade. When his assignment was done he expected to be welcomed home as a hero. He found that life had continued in the USA and that he had a job to do. He resigned from the CIA and was given a spot with GI Joe. Looking for adventure, he was assigned to the hostage rescue team, informally called Ninja Force.

In his new assignment he has found a lovely associate, Lotus, that he constantly brags to about his past exploits. At constant odds with Kamakura it has been T'JBang who has to calm Draco and keep him focused.

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