Head: '87 Avalanche
Torso: '88 Voltar
Arms: '87 Psyche-Out
Waist: '89 Deep Six
Legs: '87 Fast Draw

Rino is added as a new Forca Fera character In addition to my complete re-imagining of other International Exclusives such as Tigor and Kangor.

"Rino moved from the concrete jungle to the real Savannah with one goal in mind: hunt Africa's most dangerous beasts. On one particular hunt, Rino faced off against a enraged, charging Rino, and was trampled by the beast, which got away. The man was left termporarily crippled and forever in awe of the amazing beast. Upon going to work for Cobra, he was given the tools and funding he needed to to design bullet proof body armor and super dense but light weight alloy horns. His goal is to become the beast he respects so much and now takes great pleasure in hunting a new dangerous foe: GI Joe.
Most Joe's are initially caught off guard by Rino's bizarre appearance. And even more so, when he tries to maul them with his horns. If Rino's horns don't do the job, his multi-shot Automatic grenade launcher with top mounted machine gun certainly will."

This figure was a lot of fun to make, and had been planned for a long time. Originally he was going to be Cobra Tank driver and pilot the Sgt. Savage Iron Panther. After I had completed my Kangor and Tigor figures, I felt this figure would be better suited as a member of Brazil's Forca Fera.

All I am missing right now is a large Rhino to accompany him.

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