Head: '90 Coldfront
Torso: '86 Lifeline
Arms: '83 Airborne
Waist and Legs: '86 Lifeline

I missed out on much of the DTC line and Med Alert was one of those. The character had totally slipped by me when he was released at retail, and I didn't notice him until I acquired the RAHC Guide. I thought he was a cool character but was very similar in appearance to Lifeline. I also like the idea of a self-contained team like the Joe's having more than two or three Medics...In fact as of right now, my team has seven.

With this custom I wanted to make a more traditional ARAH version, and though I was using some Lifeline parts I did not want him to look like Lifeline. I also wanted to tone the colors down but still incorportate some of the orange the original had.

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