Head: '88 Shockwave
Torso: '94 Action Sailor
Arms: '86 Wet-Suit
Waist and Legs: '87 Blocker

Young and cocksure, Breach is the one member of the SEAL team Torpedo often finds being a major pain in the butt. Breach is one of those people that can do anything he puts his mind to and make it look easy, but he's also an incessant Braggart. He enjoys goading his teammates into foolish challenges he know's they won't win.
If Breach couldn't swim faster, run farther, out shoot and out wit the other SEAL's he wouldn't stand a chance on the team.

When I decided to put together a new team of SEALs all designed around the idea of land based play, I knew I had to add some new characters to the mix. Breach is one of those new characters.
I plan on making an unmasked version of the character at some point.

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